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Achieve your peak physical condition 

Peak Recovery Therapy services for pain, injury, alignment, movement and performance.

 At Peak Recovery Therapy, fully qualified therapists are understanding anatomy and biomechanics of the human body and what techniques and recovery options would best fit your need.

We help you recover faster! 


30% OFF



Timo. M

Satoru is the best! He not only helps with acute pain but he manages to identify root causes and fix your imbalances. I always feel better and learn something new about my body when I visit him! Thanks!!!

Filipa. A

I highly recommend it! After pregnancy I had a lot of back pain and Satoru helped it a lot! He also gave me exercises to do on my recently broken arm! When I return to Japan, this is where I will go again!

Mami. Y

Exactly what I needed for my shoulder aches. Great therapy with the experienced therapist who speaks both Japanese and English. Totally recommend!

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